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100% spain

The products we make are the result of our cultural heritage. We learned to do what we do from traditional craftsmen, simply and without pretence, fusing this heritage with the latest fashion trends. As a fashion brand, we exist at a point in time in culture and history, part of a generation of women and men with whom we interact and share opinions. That’s what keeps us evolving and growing. We have set out to recover traditional icons from the Spanish shoe world and adapt them to the way we live now, so they can become the icons of the new urban lifestyle, casual and trendy.

VERBENA (from lat. verbena) 1. typical spanish party celebrated during day or night, with friends, music and a lot of fun.

Shoes to share in good company

Proud of our origins and traditions: imaginative, family people, happy, brave, creative, honest genuine, festive, we know how to enjoy the good things in life. We are exploring new trends, we are curious. We love especial things, to stand out. We revive past ideas and transform them for present trends.

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