verbenas: plural form of verbena

Lobbianum; and Verbenas, the offspring of Tweedieana, chamaedrifolia and others

Put plants of fuchsias, petunias, verbenas, heliotropes, salvias and other soft-wooded subjects, into a propagating house to obtain cuttings for the flower garden.

Rose Verbenas grow from 6"-18" tall with a spread of 2-3 feet. In early summer, they produce a profusion of dense 2½" clusters of rose-pink flowers and will continue to bloom sporadically until the first frost, if deadheaded regularly. This self layering plant is Hardy in USDA zones 6-10.


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the beauty of flowers

You have to appreciate every single day that you're alive. Life is a little bit like a garden - you have to find time to plant the seeds for beautiful flowers to grow.
Oscar de la Renta

The flower that smiles to-day
To-morrow dies;
All that we wish to stay
Tempts and then flies.
What is this world’s delight?
Lightning that mocks the night,
Brief even as bright.

Percy Shelley

The Flower

Once in a golden hour
I cast to earth a seed.
Up there came a flower,
The people said, a weed…

Alfred, Lord Tennyson, ‘The Flower’


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for your appreciation of this beautiful flower.