1. Let your Verbenas rest for a few hours to ventilate them after you’ve been wearing them all day.

  2. If your shoes get wet, it's a good idea to put some newspaper inside to absorb the moisture so that they keep their shape. Allow them to dry away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat. If only part of the shoe gets wet, it is best to dampen the rest of the surface so that the entire shoe dried evenly.

  3. Daily brushing is very helpful to stop the nap from looking “untidy”. It is recommended you do this every day, always in the direction of the nap, with a specific brush designed for this purpose. Split leather is a very porous material that builds up dust and dirt, creating a “shiny” effect. Special brushes are available from any shoe repair shop or department store. They usually have two parts, one with hard bristles and another, softer one like rubber. First go over the shoes with the soft bristles and deal with mud marks, for example, using the harder bristles.

  4. Oh no! A grease stain! Don't panic! We’ve got a solution to get rid of your worst energy, too. Prevention is best, so use special sprays to protect and waterproof your shoes against stains, water, etc. If it’s too late for that, try gently rubbing the mark with an eraser or a special split leather or suede eraser, and go over the rest of the item so that the surface is even. If you prefer, you can also try applying a little talcum powder to the mark to absorb the grease. Then brush and you're ready to go!

  5. There’s another final trick which is incredibly simple but never fails. Rub with a slightly damp cloth and then brush with a shoe brush wrapped in an old stocking. Always brush the entire shoe to give the split leather an even tone and texture.

  6. We recommend that when you are not planning on wearing your Verbenas for a long time that you store them in cotton bags or just wrapped in paper.

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